Privacy FAQ

When I allow the Contacts411 app access to my contacts information, do you take the data from my address book?

No. The Contacts411 app first acts as a filter, sorting your contacts into ones that are complete enough to be eligible to be updated. None of your contact data ever leaves your device until you check for an update to that particular contact.

Does Contacts411 receive all my contact information when I check a contact?

No. Contacts411 receives only the contact information on the specific contact you requested to be checked, confirmed or updated. None of the other information on that contact or any of the information of any of your other contacts leaves your device.

Does Contacts411 keep the contact information I have checked?

No. When you check a contact, Contacts411 carries out a comprehensive search of over ten thousand databases in a matter of seconds. Once the search is complete, Contacts411 does not keep your contact information.

Does Contacts411 share or sell my contact information?

No. Contacts411 will never share or sell your information. We are committed to your privacy and to remaining a conscientious company worthy of your trust.

When I submit contact information to be augmented, updated or confirmed, does Contacts411 change my current contact info?

Only when you ask us to. Contacts411 only changes or erases current contact information in your iOS address book if you change it using the edit feature of the app. Otherwise, we simply provide you the information discovered by our update, which you have the option to add to your existing contact.

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