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How do I select a contact for updating?

Press on a name from your contact list. This will display the contact data you currently have on that individual. You will see a Fetch button at the bottom of the screen. When pressed, this initiates the fetch process and the app looks for a match to your contact using the data you provide. Follow the instructions provided at the top of the screen from there.

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I am not getting any matches. Why is this happening?

Typically the reason is that our sources do not have the same data you have. Despite our best efforts to fetch the right data for you, we take a conservative approach when delivering new or confirmed data to you. We only deliver back a match if our sources have extreme confidence that the match is correct. Alternatively, if you are trying to match business contact data and only have the free or a consumer plan, it is unlikely that you will get a match.

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How do I improve my match rate?

Our recommendation is to add as much address, phone and or email data as you have about an individual. Physical postal address is the best, if you have it. It is possible that old data will generate a match as our sources keep data going back 40 years on the consumer information.

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What is Triple Verified?

Triple verified means that at least 3 of the data sources we use have the same exact piece of contact information on an individual or a business at the same time. Having 3 sources with the same information gives us more confidence that the data is correct. All consumer and business data delivered back to you by Contacts411 has been triple verified by our data partners.

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How do I add a new contact?

The top right '+' icon will bring up the ability to add a new contact. In order for a contact to be eligible for updating, you need to include a minimum of a first and last name, and one of either a US email address, street address, or a phone number. You can then proceed with a normal fetch process with the app.

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How do I access the merge feature?

The top right '+' icon will bring up the ability to select contacts for merging. You can go to the merge tool at any time while in the contact list. When the merge function is active, circles will appear next to each name in your contact list. Use the circles to select the contacts you want to merge.

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When I merge contacts will all my notes from the original contacts be merged into the final contact?

No. We are very focused on privacy and therefore none of the notes in your iOS contacts are available to Contacts411. That means when you merge contacts together, only the notes in the primary contact you select during the merge process will appear in the resulting contact in your iOS address book. It is important to state that we do not see or use the content in notes in any way whatsoever. If you delete the remaining contacts from the merge, those notes will be lost. If you are a person who uses the notes function, please copy and migrate your notes to your primary contact in iOS before merging.

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How many duplicate contacts can I merge at once into a resulting contact?

You can select an unlimited number of duplicate contacts to merge into one, in order to clean up your address book.

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What information is used to match and how will I know what information to keep?

We will use only the contact data you submit to find a match and fetch new data. Information will either be marked as new or confirmed, or have no indication meaning we were not able to confirm that piece of data. Use the check box next to each data field to determine which ones you want to keep. We recommend keeping all confirmed fields and any new ones that are useful to you!

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After I chose ‘merge and fetch’, some of the information was not confirmed. Do I have to keep it?

You choose the information you want to save in the merged contact record. Simply uncheck the box next to the field if you do not want to save it. After the merge is complete, you can also choose to delete all of the remaining contacts that went into the new merged contact. We highly recommend this feature to keep your address book clean. If you keep a lot of information in the notes field, please see our FAQ regarding merging notes.

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What is the Business Confidence Rate?

Business confidence rate is provided to us by our business matching data sources. The rate is a filter applicable only for business data. The confidence rate estimates the likelihood that the matched data is for the same person. This is not always obvious given the nuances of data, so the score helps you determine the likelihood it is correct. Contacts411 only delivers back business data with a 70% or higher confidence rate.

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How is the Business Confidence Rate calculated?

The confidence rate is calculated in real time with a series of algorithms and business rules based on the business contact data you provide and the resulting data that we fetch and deliver back to you.

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How do I know which confidence level to choose?

Contacts411 allows you to select the confidence level you would like. 70% will provide more matches but with a higher likelihood that the match is not correct; 80% will provide fewer matches with more accurate matching; 90% will provide the lowest number of matches but with the highest accuracy.

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Why isn't there a confidence rate option for consumer matching?

All consumer data matches are filtered at a 85+% confidence rate. That is one of the reasons why our consumer subscriptions generally deliver lower match rates than our business subscriptions. Our consumer data source providers use confidence rates for each individual data point as a way to develop quality consumer records from the thousands of sources they access, however, they do not provide that confidence level information back because it is not calculated at an overall match level.

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Why is the age provided with a successful match not saved to my iOS address book?

When available, age is only provided as part of the match process to help you determine if we have found the correct person for you (and not their namesake parent or child, or some other individual by the same name). Since age is an ever-changing data point and there is not an age field in iOS (only birthday), we do not deliver it back as part of the record.

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What does ‘Confirmed’ mean under the mobile phone number after the fetch process and what does the date mean?

When we tag data as Confirmed, we are letting you know that data you have is correct based upon the feedback from our data sources. This tag will appear under any data that we were able to confirm. When our sources receive data, it is date stamped. The date tells you when the data was received by our sources.

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Why does it say ‘New’ under the work email on my matched contact and why is there a date?

When we tag data as New, we have found new information from our consumer and/or business sources on the contact you sent us. The date is when that data was collected and time stamped from our sources.

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When I allow the Contacts411 app access to my contacts information, do you take the data from my address book?

No. The Contacts411 app first acts as a filter, sorting your contacts into ones that are complete enough to be eligible to be updated. None of your contact data ever leaves your device until you check for an update to that particular contact.

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Does Contacts411 receive all my contact information when I check a contact?

No. Contacts411 receives only the contact information on the specific contact you requested to be checked, confirmed or updated. None of the other information on that contact or any of the information of any of your other contacts leaves your device.

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Does Contacts411 keep the contact information I have checked?

No. When you check a contact, Contacts411 carries out a comprehensive search of over thirteen thousand databases in about a second. Once the search is complete, Contacts411 does not keep your contact information.

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Does Contacts411 share or sell my contact information?

No. Contacts411 will never share or sell your information. We are committed to your privacy and to remaining a conscientious company worthy of your trust.

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When I submit contact information to be augmented, updated or confirmed, does Contacts411 change my current contact info?

Only when you ask us to. Contacts411 only changes or erases current contact information in your iOS address book if you change it using the edit feature of the app. Otherwise, we simply provide you the information discovered by our update, which you have the option to add to your existing contact.

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How do you handle pricing for over 150 contact updates?

Please contact us, we are happy to create a custom plan that fits your individual needs and leave no contact behind!


I am a paying subscriber but the app has stopped working. What is wrong?

We have a "Do Not Guess" policy. You may only submit information to us that you believe to be true and accurate. If we believe that you are using our Service to “guess” or otherwise extract information not tied to your actual contact list or known individuals, we will suspend your account and notify you via email asking you to contact us to discuss your usage. If you have not received an email, please check your spam folder and contact us at (844)763-3411. See Terms for more information.

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