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My match rate is low. Why is this happening?

Typically the reason is that our sources do not have the same data you have. Despite our best efforts to fetch the right data for you, we take a conservative approach when delivering new or confirmed data to you. We only deliver back a match if our sources have extreme confidence that the match is correct. Alternatively, if you are trying to match business contact data and only have a consumer subscription, it is unlikely that you will get a match.

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How do I improve my match rate?

Our recommendation is to add as much address, phone and or email data as you have for your contacts. Physical postal address and emails are the best, if you have them. It is possible that old data will generate a match.

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What is Triple Verified?

Triple verified means that at least 3 of the data sources we use have the same exact piece of contact information on an individual or a business at the same time. Having 3 sources with the same information gives us more confidence that the data is correct. All consumer and business data delivered back to you by Contacts411® has been triple verified by our data partners.

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Does Contacts411® keep the contact information I submit for a new fetch?

No. When you perform a new fetch, Contacts411® carries out a comprehensive search of over 13,000 databases in about a second. Once the search is complete, Contacts411® does not keep any of the input contact information or the updated and enriched results you receive.

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Does Contacts411® share or sell my contact information?

No. Contacts411® will never share or sell your information. We are committed to your privacy and to remaining a conscientious company worthy of your trust.

Privacy and Terms

What happened to the iOS app?

We made the decision in April 2023 to pause sales of and enhancement to the iOS app. Current users will continue to have access to and use of the app. We plan on a complete rework and reintroduction of the mobile app in the future.

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I looked myself up and I do not recognize some of the phone numbers. Why?

All phone numbers are verified as active and are associated with your name at your residence. You may see numbers used for a hotspot, a watch phone, iPad or other device, or a landline.

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I looked myself up and there are email addresses of other family members. Why?

All email addresses are verified as recently active and are deliverable. You may see an email of another household member if it was used to ship something to you at your address. You may also see emails of family members that are associated with a cable or phone account in your name.

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