built on connection

founded on giving any person or business access to high quality info

how we got here

Karen has over three decades of expertise in strategic planning and marketing initiatives, helping major companies use contact data to drive sales and profits.

Barry has almost four decades of data industry expertise, including 15 years of consulting with and for data firms.

We combined our skill sets and leveraged our data industry relationships to develop Contacts411 and disrupt the industry.

what drives us

We believe that small businesses are vital to the prosperity of our communities, and they deserve a level playing field.

We believe that having access to quality contact information is foundational to good marketing and should not just be for big companies with large marketing budgets.

We combine consumer and business offerings in order to help foster quality personal and business relationships – because they go hand in hand.

We value your privacy. No one should have to give over their valuable and private contact list to get it cleaned up.

We know that accurate data makes way for better marketing and easier business connections.

We are entrepreneurs ourselves. We are passionate about helping folks who are brave enough to launch a small business have the essential tools to create connection and flourish.

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